Free and funny little snoozepaper two-sheet called UNTITLED (JUST KIDDING) filled with stolen and commissioned puzzles, comics, horoscopes, advice and other funs-games. The publication had its debut at READING ROOM (organized by Sean Ward) at Julius Caesar but has since been distributed in a haphazard but loving manner throughout states like Illinois, New York, Michigan, Wisconsin, New Mexico, California, Oregon and Washington.

Contributors include:
——Kera MacKenzie as Daniel Shea - Reader Photo of the Day
——Sadie Harmon - Institutional Horoscopes
——Sean Joseph Patrick Carney - How Do I Make This a Performance
——Tracy Jeanne Rosenthal - L___ER // L___ER
——Tim Donovan - Crossword
——Adam Baz - Just My Type
——Aidan Koch - Find the Differences
——Michael Dudczak - Loog
——David Bodhi Boylan - Know Your Architectural Holes
——Jesse Malmed - Jumble
++ many, many more

(though copies are out there)
email for a secret .pdf