Splinter Cells (‘mongst Ligeti)

Nodes toward a cinema of distractions. Handheld but smothered, like the bouncing ball between this place and that. A good example of a bad example of a good example of a bad example of a good example of a bad example. Sequel and we shall find, well: the audience is encouraged to take flash photos of the screen if things seem especially interesting.

(A select number of dispersed audience members are given access to the video and instructed to play it at a set moment (when the projected title is legible on the screen) from their cell phones. As the piece progresses, they raise their phones higher and higher, creating a cacophonous cityscape of bad movie behavior and a rapturous surround sound expanded/contracted cinema experience.)

Documentation from the 2019 Onion City Film Festival:

The video itself (if you want play along at home — recommended to play in several tabs and on several devices at once):