The Department of Safety, Anacortes, WA
Opening and performances July 3rd and 4th, 2009

The curatorial premise behind In The Light Cone was simple as day and night. Artists from throughout the country made dynamic, site-specific work based around the notion of two viewing times—day—when natural and artificial light commingled in a traditional gallery setting and—night—when piece-specific and -generated lights and shapes transformed the space into a wholly new environment. The legendary Department of Safety played happy host to a weekend of performances and screenings and visitors celebrating.

The exhibition was organized by Jonah Adels, Jade Ajani, Adam Baz, Polly Bresnick, Tim Donovan, Maggie Jones, Jesse Malmed and Raven Munsell. We were proud to present works by Brenda Hutchinson, Mark Essen, Carlyn Elin Wutkee, Ben Segal, Benjamin Schultz-Figueroa, Sidney B. Russell, Bethany Miller, Rebecca Leopold, Tim Donovan + Jonah Adels, Adam Baz, Jade Ajani, Allison Cekala and Timothy Karpinski. View the Gallery Program here.

The video program was curated by Jesse Malmed and featured works by: Jonah Adels, Tyrone Davies, Molly Bradbury, Chris Rice, Aurora Halal, Josephine Shokrian, Jade Ajani, Duncan Malashock, Jesse Malmed, Adam Davies, Brandon Rosenbluth and Jesse McLean. View the Video Program Program here.

Brainstorm, Why I Must Be Careful, Weaver, Pikelet and Sheahan Drive all performed music.

Photography by Nick Albertson:

Jonah Adels (with Brenda Hutchinson's Bells)
Adam Baz
Jade Ajani
Rebecca Leopold
Jade Ajani
Jade Ajani
Tim Donovan
Bethany Miller
Allison Cekala
Carlyn Wutkee
Ben Segal
Sidney B. Russell