IF I WERE A BOY in the styles of BEYONCE and ADRIAN PIPER (2024), 4'20", color, sound

CORONA in the styles of MINUTEMEN and CHRIS BURDEN (2024), 2'22", color, sound

HA HA HA in the styles of FLIPPER and LARAAJI (2024), 2'18", color, sound

ABC in the styles of THE JACKSON FIVE and JOHN BALDESSARI (2024), 3'23", color, sound

ONLY HAPPY WHEN IT RAINS in the styles of GARBAGE and GEORGE KUCHAR (2024), 4'10", color, sound

MR. BLUE SKY in the styles of ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA and JAMES BENNING (ELO Cut) (2024), 5:09, color, sound

MR. BLUE SKY in the styles of ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA and JAMES BENNING (JB Cut) (2024), 10:07, color, sound

MOTION SICKNESS in the styles of PHOEBE BRIDGERS and MARIE MENKEN (2024), 4'03", color, sound

HOLD UP in the styles of BEYONCE and HOLLIS FRAMPTON (2024), 3'52", color, sound

GRADUATION (FRIENDS FOREVER) in the styles of VITAMIN C and GREEN DAY (2024), 4'23", color, sound

CHERRY COLOURED FUNK in the style of COCTEAU TWINS (2024), 3'19", color, sound

CAN I KICK IT in the styles of A TRIBE CALLED QUEST and DOUGLAS GORDON (2024), 3'49", color, sound

DETROIT HAS A SKYLINE in the style of SUPERCHUNK (2024), 3'48", color, sound

MONDAY MONDAY in the styles of THE MAMAS AND THE PAPAS and GARFIELD (2024), 3'19", color, sound

THE ONLY LIVING BOY IN NEW YORK in the styles of SIMON AND GARFUNKEL and GEORGE KUCHAR (2024), 4'19", color, sound

CIRCLES in the styles of SOUL COUGHING and NANCY HOLT (2024), 3'15", color, sound

PEACH, PEAR, PLUM in the styles of JOANNA NEWSOM and CHICK STRAND (2024), 3'25", color, sound

I’M GONNA BE (500 MILES) in the styles of THE PROCLAIMERS and MARINA ABRAMOVI? & ULAY (2024), 3'49", color, sound

HEART OF GOLD in the styles of NEIL YOUNG and HARRY SMITH, 3'20", color, sound

CUT YOUR HAIR in the styles of PAVEMENT and REBECCA HORN (2024), 3'25", color, sound

ON THE ROAD AGAIN in the styles of WILLIE NELSON and JEAN-LUC GODARD (2024), 2'47", color, sound

WICKED GAME in the styles of CHRIS ISAAK and PIPILOTTI RIST (2024), 5'08", color, sound

ONE MORE TIME in the styles of BRITNEY SPEARS and LCD SOUNDSYSTEM (2024), 3'35", color, sound

TRY THAT IN A SMALL TOWN in the style of JASON ALDEAN (2024), 2'58", color, sound

I'LL BE YOUR MIRROR (2024), 2'18", color, sound

EVERY BREATH YOU TAKE in the styles of THE POLICE and JOHN SMITH (2024), 4'16", color, sound

HOW TO DISAPPEAR COMPLETELY in the styles of RADIOHEAD and HITO STEYERL KARAOKE (2024), 5'10", color, sound

(2024), 2'18", color, sound

I WANNA BE YOUR DOG in the styles of THE STOOGES and WILLIAM WEGMAN (2024), 3'21", color, sound

IF I COULD TURN BACK TIME in the styles of CHER and HAROLD LLOYD (2024), 4'11", color, sound

NEVER SAID in the style of LIZ PHAIR and HARPO MARX (2024), 3'35", color, sound

THE BEUYS ARE BACK IN TOWN in the styles of THIN LIZZY and JOSEPH BEUYS (2024), 4'46", color, sound

SONG 2 in the style of BLUR (2024), 2'06", color, sound

FADE INTO YOU in the styles of MAZZY STAR and STEINA VASULKA (2024), 4'32", color, sound

VAMPIRE in the styles of OLIVIA RODRIGO and JEAN PAINLEVE (2024), 3'57", color, sound

I MELT WITH YOU in the styles of MODERN ENGLISH and FRANCIS ALŸS (2024), 4'42", color, sound

I WANNA BE SEDATED in the style of THE ASMRAMONES (2024), 2'39", color, sound

BABA O’RILEY in the style of THE WHEA (The Who and Wheatus) (2024), 5'17", color, sound

I CAN SEE CLEARLY NOW in the styles of JOHNNY NASH and ROWDY RODDY PIPER (2024), 2'52", color, sound

TAKE ON ME in the styles of A-HA and ROGER RABBIT (2024), 3'53", color, sound

HERE’S HOW THE STORY ENDS in the styles of THE SUNDAYS and L’ECLISSE (2024), 4'09", color, sound

LONG STORY SHORT in the style of TAYLOR SWIFT and PHILIP MARLOWE (2024), 3'46", color, sound

THIS CHARMING MAN in the styles of THE SMITHS and JØRGEN LETH (2024), 2'57", color, sound

MEMORIES in the styles of CATS and DR. KATZ (2024), 4'14", color, sound

SCAR TISSUE in the styles of RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS and SU FRIEDRICH (2024), 3'44", color, sound

WRECKING BALL in the styles of MILEY CYRUS and GORDON MATTA-CLARK (2024), 4'13", color, sound

I GOT FRIENDS IN LOW PLACES in the styles of GARTH BROOKS and CHRIS BURDEN (2024), 3'49", color, sound

EVERY DAY I WRITE THE BOOK in the styles of ELVIS COSTELLO and TEHCHING HSIEH (2024), 4'03", color, sound

KISS ME in the styles of SIXPENCE NONE THE RICHER and PATTY CHANG (2024), 3'43", color, sound

LOSING MY RELIGION in the styles of REM and BRUCE NAUMAN (2024), 4'49", color, sound

MOTORCYCLE DRIVE BY in the styles of THIRD EYE BLIND and CHARLEMAGNE PALESTINE (2024), 4'15", color, sound

I’M ONLY SLEEPING in the styles of THE BEATLES and ANDY WARHOL (2024), 3'35", b&w, sound

IN THE AIR TONIGHT in the styles of PHIL COLLINS and PHIL COLLINS (2024), 5'47", color, sound

HANGING ON THE TELEPHONE (in the style of) BLONDIE and CHRISTIAN MARCLAY (2024), 2'36", color, sound

THE BOY IS MINE (in the styles of) BRANDY and MONICA and YVONNE RAINER (2024), 4'11", b&w, sound

BLUE (in the styles of) EIFFEL 65 and DEREK JARMAN (2024), 4'54", color, sound

TWIST AND SHOUT (in the styles of)THE ISLEY BROTHERS and JEFFREY PERKINS (2024), 3'02", b&w, sound

NOTHING (in the styles of) THE FUGS and NAM JUNE PAIK (2024), 4'21", color, sound

ON THE RADIO (in the styles of) DONNA SUMMER and THE REPLACEMENTS (2024), 5'48", color, sound

UNDER PRESSURE (in the styles of) DAVID BOWIE & QUEEN and VANILLA ICE (2024), 4'01", color, sound

ALL MY LITTLE WORDS (in the style of) THE MAGNETIC FIELDS (2024), 2'52", color, sound

PUT YOUR HANDS WHERE MY EYES COULD SEE (in the styles of) BUSTA RHYMES and NANCY HOLT & ROBERT SMITHSON (2024), 3'21", color, sound

THESE BOOTS WERE MADE FOR WALKING (in the styles of) NANCY SINATRA and ELEANOR ANTIN (2024), 2'56", color, sound

IT'S A JUNGLE OUT THERE (THEME TO MONK) (in the style of) RANDY NEWMAN and THE MONKS (2024), 2'12", b&w, sound

DANCING ON MY OWN (in the styles of) ROBYN and GILLIAN WEARING KARAOKE (2024), 4'51", color, sound

SO IT GOES (in the styles of) NICK LOWE and FISCHLI & WEISS KARAOKE (2024), 2'47", color, sound

RHYTHMUS NATION 21 (in the styles of) JANET JACKSON and HANS RICHTER (2024), 4'50", b&w, sound

HEY SANDY (in the styles of) POLARIS and PETER CAMPUS (2024), 2'16", color, sound

TEARS OF A CLOWN (in the styles of) SMOKEY ROBINSON AND THE MIRACLES and JOE DAVOLA (2024), 3'24", color, sound

ITSY BITSY TARANTELLA (in the style of) MARY ELLEN BUTE KARAOKE (2024), 1'08", color, sound

MR. SANDMAN (in the style of) THE CHORDETTES KARAOKE (2024), 2'30", color, sound

AVANT GARDENER (in the styles of) COURTNEY BARNETT and STAN BRAKHAGE KARAOKE (2024), 5'22", color, sound

FREAK SCENE (in the styles of) DINOSAUR JR. and HENRY HILLS (2023), 3'59", color, sound

I KNOW WHAT BOYS WANT (in the style of) THE WAITRESSES, 2023, 3'22", color, sound

THE BOAT DREAMS FROM THE HILL (in the style of) JAWBREAKER (2023), 2:52", color, sound

BOTH SIDES NOW (in the styles of) JONI MITCHELL and JOAN JONAS (2023), 5'06", color, sound

WALKING IN THE RAIN (in the style of) THE RONETTES (2023), 3:38", color, sound

VERTICAL ROLLING (in the styles of) JOLIET JAKE and JOAN JONAS (2023), 3:16", color, sound

VOGUE (in the styles of) MADONNA and MARTHA ROSLER (2023), 5:08", color, sound

GLORIA! (in the styles of) PATTI SMITH and HOLLIS FRAMPTON KARAOKE (2023), 9:44", color, silent/sound

EVERYBODY KNOWS THIS IS NOWHERE (in the style of) NEIL YOUNG KARAOKE (2023), 2:53", color, sound, video

MY NAME IS JONAS (in the styles of) WEEZER and JONAS MEKAS KARAOKE (2023), 3:44", color, sound, video

CRUEL TO BE KIND (in the style of) NICK LOWE KARAOKE (2023), 3:32", color, sound, video

CAN'T HARDLY WAITING (in the styles of) THE REPLACEMENTS and SAMUEL BECKETT KARAOKE (2023), 3:23", color, sound, video

UPSIDE DOWN (in the style of) DIANA ROSS KARAOKE (2023), 3:44", color, sound, video

I CAN'T HELP FALLING (in the styles of) ELVIS PRESLEY and BAS JAN ADER KARAOKE (2023), 3:12", color, sound, video

WHAT'S MY AGE AGAIN (in the style of) BLINK-182 KARAOKE (2023), 3:12", color, sound, video

I AM JUST SAD ENOUGH TO TELL YOU [BOYS DO CRY] (in the styles of) THE CURE and BAS JAN ADER KARAOKE (2023), 3:04", color, sound, video

A SIMPLE WAY TO GO FASTER THAN LIGHT THAT DOES NOT WORK (in the style of) TORTOISE KARAOKE (2023), 3:55", color, sound, video

ZOZO BOYS ~ I WANNA DESTROY YOU (in the style of) THE SOFT BOYS and ZOZOBRA (2023), 2:56", color, sound, video

DOUBLE VISION, DOZEN'D (in the styles of) FOREIGNER KARAOKE (2023), 4:03", color, sound, video

GIRL, YOU KNOW IT'S TRUE [KNOWN KNOWNS] (in the styles of) MILLI VANILLI KARAOKE (2021), 4:06", color, sound, video

SUBTERRANEAN HOMESICK BLUES (in the styles of) BOB DYLAN KARAOKE (2018), 2:25", black and white, sound, video

4'33" (in the style of) JOHN CAGE KARAOKE (2016), 5 minutes, color, silent, video

YESTERDAYS (in the style of) THE BEATLES (the most covered song of all time) KARAOKE (2012), 3:08", color, sound, video

BEAT IT [MEET IT] (in the style of) MICHAEL JACKSON KARAOKE (2012), 3:08", color, sound, video