DEEP LEAP ZINE was a publication that sought to bring together a wide range of artists and writers to produce prompted material. Each issue began with a long list of prompts (Outside Jokes, Pre-Net Memes, Spench/Andorran, A First Name [as a Last Name]) and a longer list of artists.

Organized by Jesse Malmed, Raven Munsell and Adam Fulton Johnson, the zine ran two issues from the many rooms of their house on the top of Bernal Hill in San Francisco. The release of each issue coincided with an opening that featured screenings and performances.

DEEP LEAP can be purchased through LASERCAVE. PDFs of ISSUE ONE and ISSUE TWO (with these two awesome addenda) can be downloaded (free!) here. E-mail us to receive a prompt for the next issue.

More information can be found HERE.