as part of the Whisper Down the Lane exhibition, Gallery 400, Chicago
8/22/2013, 7 pm

Soda_Jerk — After the Rainbow

Telephone time machine. Watching watches and watches watching. Time capsule, thinking caps, archive fever. Ours: the time-traveling life. Ours: an invitation to explore the exploding hinges of time travel, the frozen moments of the cinema, the future feelings of a gesture toward the physical.

This program is interested in time travel as a metaphor, a device and a cipher through which artists and audiences alike can think about the flow of time, duration, mortality, history, and media archeology. Squirming around near the notion that telecommunications can collapse physical distances, indexical media (recordings, photographs) offer a kind of temporal trip back to the moment of their creation and, for the maker, can function as letters to the future. Over ten works in film and video, speculative non/fictions explore the weight of artistic inheritance, the bodilessness of hurtling through space (as well as a the return to the body) and what a timely flow of images—half arrow, half bananas—looks like.

Takahiko IimuraTime Tunnel, 1971, video, 5:00 min.
Duncan MalashockMagic Square, 2009, video, 2:12 min.
J.J. MurphyScience Fiction, 1979, 16mm film, 5:00 min.
Soda_JerkAfter the Rainbow, 2009, video, 5:30 min.
Jillian Mayer and Lucas LeyvaLife and Freaky Times of Uncle Luke, 2011, video, 12:25 min.
Sally CruikshankQuasi at the Quackadero, 1975, video, 9:58 min.
Chip LordMapping a City of Fragments v.2, 1997, video, 9:30 min.
Hollis FramptonGloria!, 1979, 16mm film, 9:50 min.
Peggy AhweshThe Third Body, 2007, video, 8:40 min.
Duncan MalashockRoad, 2010, video, 0:43 min.