“Broadcasting” from Room 2170 at the Chicago Hilton during CAA, WACH (pronounced watch) is an exhibition of artist-made videos and films. Stored on a media player and connected to the hotel television, WACH offers viewers/stayers/arters the radically limited television option of ON and OFF.

Since 2014, WACH has brought its viewers the highest quality moving image works invested in notions of travel, transitory spaces, temporary place-making and the politics and poetics surrounding them! Entrenched in and entranced by the site-specificity of the television, many of our top programs are about the place they live. Works are drawn from the vast history and present of artists whose works are engaged in the idea of broadcast as well as those with an interest in itinerance.

Short interview on Bad at Sports here!

Artists include:
Andrew Mausert-Mooney, Ben Balcom, Bryan McManus, Cameron Gibson, Charles Chadwick, Chris Little, Chris Rice, Christina Kolozsvary, Christy LeMaster, Clint Enns, Derek Taylor, Dustin Flannery-McCoy, Dustin Zemel, Eric Watts, Fern Silva, Filipe Afonso, Han Han Li, Hanna M. Owens, Hannah Schulman, Haruka Mitani, Insa Langhorst, Jaime Cleeland, Jason Halprin, Jax Deluca & Kyle Marler, Jeremy Newman, Jessie Stead, John Szczepaniak, John Woods, Jon Chambers, Jona Pelovska, Katie Urban, Kelly Gallagher, Kera MacKenzie & Andrew Mausert-Mooney, Kevin B. Lee, Kiran Chandra, Lori Felker, Marianna Milhorat, Markus Bowie, Matt Nixon, Matt Shaw, Meredith Lackey, Michael Betancourt, Michael Morris, Peter Snowdon, Peter Snowdon and Juan Javier Rivera Andia, Rami George, Robert Edmondson, Sasha Litvintseva, Snow Yunxue Fu, Stephanie Hutin, Stephen Quinlan, Sunset Television, Walter Forsberg, Youjin Moon, Zachary Epcar

Station Manager:
Jesse Malmed

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