video artists remixing artists' videos

July 11, 2017 / Nightingale Cinema / Chicago

(you can view elements of the both programs here)

Clint Enns - DR. ReMix: A Dingbat's Revenge (remix of Scott Fitzpatrick's Dingbat's Revenge)

Scott Fitzpatrick - Ccconvolve (remix of Colby Richardson's Convolve)

Blair Bogin - Mayonnaise (remix of Ray Ray Mitrano's Chicago for a Few Days)

Hannah Piper Burns - The Landing (HPB aligned nth edit) (remix of Katya Yakubov's The Landing)

Emily Eddy - Somewhere Only We Know (Alternative Contemporary Version) (remix of Jesse McLean's Somewhere Only We Know)

Benjamin Pearson - Vito's Theme Song Remembered (ASMR Mix) (remix of Vito Acconci's Theme Song)

AJ McClenon - How Many of Us? (remix of Amina Ross and Jory Drew's Pre-Formed Partners (I, WE, U & ME)

Cameron Granger - Waiting on Jesus (remix of Tupac Shakur Hologram at Coachella)

This program draws into focus our own (often productive) sloppiness in the language surrounding artistic production that includes the work of others. In this case, these works are less interested in (though not opposed to) ideas like détournement, appropriation, reenactment, "found" footage, glitch, covers, samples, collage, etc. than to how we can apply the thinking behind the music industry's idea of the remix into the contexts and histories of experimental film, video art and critical cinema. Think: the extended remix, the dub remix, the club remix, the dirty remix, the radio remix, the house remix, the porch remix, the czech remix, the lights on remix. Serious is fun, fun is serious. Seat dancing allowed. Fresh looks assumed.

video artists remixing artists' videos

November 15, 2017 / Nightingale Cinema / Chicago

Chris Little - Bohemian Grove (augmented reality[ish] remix) (remix of Theo Darst’s Bohemian Grove)

Lori Felker - CONTAINER (Releasing Human Energies, Internal Mix) (remix of Marc Toscano’s Releasing Human Energies)

AJ McClenon - How Many of Us? (remix of Amina Ross and Jory Drew’s Pre- Formed Partners [I, WE, U & ME])

Steve Reinke - J.-P (Remix of “Tuesday and I” by Jean-Paul Kelly) (2001)

Hale Ekinci - Remix (Not About Us) (remix of Michael Frei’s Not About Us

Scott Fitzpatrick - Ccconvolve

Nellie Kluz - ‘I don’t know what I’d do without parades’ (A Tom Palazzolo quote)

Coorain - Chow Down (Remix of Coley Milan)

Theo Darst - mothlight 3D v2 (3D!!) (2011) (Remix of Stan Brakhage’s Mothlight)?