December 8, 2022, 7:30
UWM Union Cinema d.b.i. Mitchell Hall B91
Milwaukee, WI

Just because JLG (RIP) didn't say "all you need for a film is an image, a sound and some language", doesn't mean it's true. Or isn't. Snow Is This offers a charcuterie conception of the sandwich, with some chef specials and maybe a group singalong at this birthday party dressed up like a screening. Hosted by Jesse Malmed.

pre-show roll:
TEEN AGENTS* / (2014) excerpt from 10080” work / color / sound / video

Maïa Cybelle Carpenter - Sans Titre (2001) 6-8" / color / silent / 16mm
Does Louise Lawler Make You Cry (A Cover)** (1953/1979/2022) 7" / sound
Michael Snow - So Is This (1982) 48" / color / silent / 16mm

post-show show:
Jesse Malmed - Conversational Karaoke ~ So Is This (2005/2022) / 5” / color / sound / performance

Extra special thanks to Sam Drake, Isaac Brooks and the Union Cinema Workers

*Charity Coleman (wording), Mikey Rae (sounding), Marianna Milhorat (imaging), Jon Chambers (programming), Jesse Malmed (instigating), ACRE TV (hosting)
**Duck Amuck Shown Without the Picture