TRUNK SHOW was a mobile exhibition space usually located in Chicago. Each month, artists were commissioned to design limited edition bumper stickers which lived, rode along with and helped propel a medium beat-up forest green Ford Taurus owned by Raven Falquez Munsell and Jesse Malmed. In addition to the month-long exhibitions, the bumper stickers were sold à la carte and by annual subscription. Openings followed a nomadic, symbiotic logic and included a public affixing, conceptual catering and playlists. TRUNK SHOW has been featured in the Chicago Reader, Hyperallergic and Newcity (who also named it The Best New Gallery on a Car Bumper in 2013) and the Chicago Tribune which named it amongst The Best of Visual Art in 2015.

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commissioned artist bumper stickers by: Eric Fleischauer; Assaf Evron; Jodie Mack (x2); Deborah Stratman; Oli Watt; Lauren Anderson; Brandon Alvendia; Laura Hart Newlon; Eric Watts; Alex Chitty; Stephanie Barber; Bryce Wilner; Eric May; Kelly Lloyd; Michael Milano; Michael Rae; Jason Lazarus; Philip von Zweck; Jennifer Reeder; Davi Lakind; Lilli Carre?; Edie Fake; Claire Arctander; Eric J. Garcia, Josh Rios + Anthony Romero; Anne Elizabeth Moore; Scott Wolniak; Alex Bradley Cohen; Jessica Campbell; Clay Hickson; Aay Preston-Myint; Alexandria Eregbu; Alberto Aguilar; Philip Kaufmann; Tim Kinsella; Jen Delos Reyes; Every house has a door