STILL, MOVING (2023- // 2005-2023)
film + performance + merch table
TRT: ~60 mins, video, sound, voice

“Still, Moving” is a live collaged video-performance work blending shards and selections, asides and besides, sketches and considerations from an archive of some eighteen years of practicing the imperfect. A kind of live re-re- megamix, a cover of itself, a glyphic glimpse and an experiment in liveness and notions of iterative television versionalities, “Still, Moving”, includes works that have screened and exhibited at festivals, galleries, museums, bars and barns in new and altered contexts. Exploring the tensions and possibilities along spectra such as improvisation/composition, comedy/poetry, clarity/opacity, stillness/movement, a sense of the recombinant and polyrhythmic capacity of restless mind syndrome emerges (like emergency, like urgency).

An hour of never not languaging work for the screen playing in creative reading, studied density, the one-(hundred)-liner, choirs, screen texts, the bootleg, the cover, jokes, speculative etymologies, karaoke, accents, loops, improvisation, the cinemagical, body swaps, poetry, citation and human voice. Conceptually engaged, textually-intensive and visually mesmerizing, the suite scrambles somewhere in the intersects of conceptual comedy, dizzying illogics, the poetic plu-future and sustainable sourcing. Through deliberate mistranslation and strategic denaturing of languages and codes, we revel in the revelation of their extra-communicative potential as sound, as image, as object, shifting our expectations of the show, of the cinema, of the worlds those words screen.

In addition, Jesse brings his conceptual shoppe droppe of caps, stickers, doorhangers, temporary tattoos, magnets, buttons, postcards, etc. now numbering in the triple digits.